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Trademark Registration

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademark is a unique identity symbol which may be a word signature, name, device, label, brand name, logo, company name which help to distinguish one business from another. If you are starting a business, it can be either a goods or a service or a brand, it is really important that you apply for trademark so that you protect your business name / product name from being copied and also create an Intellectual asset.

  • It helps to communicate to your users
  • It elps your customers to find you
  • It helps you to effectively utilize social media & web presence
  • Trademark value grow with time and it is an effective measure to invest via marketing
  • Unique Identification in Market
  • Builds trust and credibility on your Goods/Services
  • Protection against Infringement
  • Trademark protection for 10 years at minimal cost

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Process for Trademark Registration

At Regalwhiz, our experts check for trademark availibity or brand name availability on the behalf of our client to make sure that their desired name or design has not already been taken. Following is the list of step-by-step process to apply for Trademark Registration.

Step 1: Conduct the Trademark Search

Many entrepreneurs overlook the significance of a Trademark Search. Having a distinctive brand name or logo in mind is not a fair enough reason to avert a TM search. This aids you to get accustomed to identical trademarks available & it gives a clear picture of where your mark stands. It also provides you with a forewarning relating to trade litigation.

Step 2: Filing Trademark Application

After you are sure that your selected mark or logo is non-conflicting in nature, you can proceed to register the same. The first and foremost step is to file the prescribed application at the Trademark Registry India. Nowadays, the facility of online filing is available to the applicant. After filing the said application, an acknowledgement receipt is generated by the official portal for future reference.

Step 3: Verification of Application and Documents

After application filing, the scrutiny process comes into effect. It is conducted by a designated official known as an examiner. The verification process might take around 12-18 months.

Step 4: Publication of Trademark in Trademark Journal

Publishing the mark in the trademark journal helps the authority to invite objections from third parties. In case no objection is raised in the given timeline. The authority may grant their approval to proceed further. On the contrary, if the mark somehow attracts some objections, the authority would conduct a fair hearing.

Step 5: Grant of Trademark Registration by Registrar

Finally, the registrar grants the registration certificate to the applicant in question, which would remain valid for ten years. The registrar shall enclose the trademark office seal on the certificate.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration?

Any individual – Indian National or Foreign National can easily register a trademark in India. There is no requirement for forming a legal entity or business entity to register a trademark. Following is list of required documents for Trademark Registration.

Required Details 

  • Applicant’s name
  • Business type
  • Business objectives
  • Brand/logo/slogan name

Required Documents

  • Applicant’s identity proof
  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Incorporation (COI), in case of companies registered under Company Act, 2013
  • Logo if it is applicable and available
  • Address proof