• Legal Heir certificate is issued by the Government for those individuals whose parents/ husband is dead without leaving a will. A legal heir is a person, male or female who is entitled to succeed the property of the deceased person as per the succession law.   
  • In case the chief person or head of the family dies, any of the family members next to that person should get this legal heir certificate. This will be used in the near future for transfer of property or asset or other things of the deceased person. 
  • A legal heir certificate is issued to identify the heirs of the deceased person whereas a succession certificate is issued to establish the validity and legality of the legal heirs. This legal heir certificate gives them authority related to the assets and securities of the deceased person. 
  • This legal heir certificate should be applied as soon as the person gets the death certificate.   
Who can apply:
  • According to Hindu Succession Act, the immediate legal heirs of a husband includes the deceased son, daughter, wife, son or daughter of predeceased son and the widow of predeceased son. This category is called the class 1 heirs.
  • Parents, siblings, children of the siblings, grandchild of sibling comes under class 2 heirs.
  • Agnates and then cognates i.e. relative from male lineage and mother’s side respectively. 
  • Online: Log in to TNESEVAI portal https://www.tnesevai.tn.gov.in/Citizen/where you can apply for a legal heir certificate online. 
  • Log in or sign up and click the revenue department. A list of applications will appear. Click the legal heir certificate. Register for CAN number and after OTP verification click proceed. 
  • Fill all the details and upload the documents.
  • Download self declaration of applicant, and should be signed and upload the same in the portal.
  • Payment of Rs. 60 to be made.     
  • The application will be routed to the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) or Revenue Inspector (RI)
  • VAO/ RI verifies the applied documents and reasons for acceptance or in case of any modification it will be mentioned and sent to Revenue Inspector or Tahsildar in one week.
  • RI has to enquire within one week and a certificate will be issued by the Tasildhar within one week, after the receipt of a report from the Revenue Inspector. 
  • The applicant could download the Legal heir certificate from the web.    
Documents required:
  • Self affidavit
  • Identity proof of legal heirs
  • Address proof of legal heirs
  • Date of birth of legal heir
  • Death certificate
  • Address proof of deceased person

15 to 30 business working days

  • Used to transfer property of the deceased person
  • To claim insurance
  • To claim pension
  • To get the benefit provided by the Government such as PF, Gratuity and others
  • To claim salary or salary arrears of the deceased person
  • To obtain employment through compassionate appointments