• In those days marriage was considered as a sacred thing. As it was considered a sacred thing.
  • There are conditions as to marriage to be valid. A person may not live with two spouses at the same time.
  • At the time of marriage, the bridegroom must be 21 years old and the bride must be 18 years old, and neither party must be incapable of providing legal consent due to insanity. If the parties are capable of giving legal consent, they must not have a mental illness that renders them unfit for marriage and childbearing. Neither party should be subjected to insane assaults regularly.
  • Unless their customs or usage enable them to form such a married connection, the parties should not be sapindas of each other and should not be in the banned degrees of relationship.
  • The marriage should be registered within 90 days without fine and within 90 to 150 days with fine. 
  • Log in to tnreginet.gov.in
  • Click registration then marriage registration, select what registration i.e. hindu marriage, TN Marriage or special marriage.
  • Fill the details and submit the documents 
  • Then go to application status and click initiate token. A token will be initiated  
  • Go to e payment and initiate payment     
  • Wedding invitation
  • Ration card or Driving license or passport or visa
  • Birth certificate
  • School certificate/ college certificate
  • Passport or visa.
  • 4 passport size photo 
  • The main benefit of marriage registration certificate is that you will be able to get a passport, a visa and a number of other documents such as driving license, bank accounts etc. Registering your marriage will enable you to get a passport.
  • As this Marriage certificate is authenticated as per government body, it will be considered as the most authenticated proof of marriage. 
  • This registration is made compulsory to acquire family law benefits, in case of divorce, alimony, judicial separation, custody of child.
  • This certificate acts as strong evidence in martial dispute by either of them. 
  • For applying for passport or visa also for opening bank account.