• Digital Signature is a method of authenticating transactions; this is to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents which is filed electronically. This guarantees that the sender generates the message/document and is not modified by the external party. Digital Signature certificate functions similarly to ID cards issued by the Government authorities.
  • A certifying authority issues this certificate. This certificate acts as an authentication in case of business activity which takes place online.  
  • There are two types of DSC: PFX File and USB token.  
  • PFX File means a file format, this could be circulated easily through any means, but USB token looks like a pen-drive. The advantage of USB Token over PFX file is risk is less.
  • There are 3 classes of DSC: Class 1 is issued to individual / private subscribers, Class 2 is issued to the Directors /signing authority need to have their digital signature. The Class 3 is the highest level of DSC and it allows the person possessing the DSC to participate or bid in any online tenders/ auctions.        

The validity of a Digital Signature certificate is one or two years. This certificate is renewable. The person should submit a request for renewal not less than 45 days before the expiry of the validity period. 

Documents required: 
  • Proof of identity: Passport, PAN Card, Driving license, Bank passbook with photo and signature, 
  • Proof of Address: AADHAR, Voter Id, Property Tax receipt.
  • Copy of self – attested copy must be provided      
  • DSC helps to create the document’s authenticity. This could be used in court as a shred of evidence.
  • Reduced chance of fraud or alteration 
  • Cost effective in completing the transaction.
  • Time effective and easy verification in the course of business transaction.
  • Online procedure – in MCA portal, click MCA Services -> DSC Service -> acquire DSC.  
  • Fill the form and make payment.
  • After payment video verification 
  • 5 Business Working days


  • End to End support for the registration procedure
  • Speedy procedure
  • Save your time
  • Well defined systematic approach 
  • Complete online procedure
  • Track your application status