• India is a country where agriculture plays a vital role, in other words it sis the backbone of our country. India is one of the largest exporters in the world of agricultural produce and products. 
  • Generally when a person or a customer buys a product they look into the brand name and many don’t notice the AGMARK symbol in products. AGMARK is a certificate mark for agricultural produce, this mark act as a grading standard.
  • By issuing AGMARK certificate, it incorporates Agricultural and Horticulture items, Food and beverages. This becomes almost a necessity so as to assure the public regarding the authenticity and quality of the products.     
Who can apply:
  • Anyone who has available balance in his account could apply for solvency certificate.    
  • Online: signup and register as primary/ corporate user and create a primary user id. Click on certificate of authorization to apply for Agmark Certificate on specified commodities for his or her manufacturing premises. 
  • Click Certificate of printing permission to apply for printing permission to print Agmark replica for supplying to a sponsored authorized packers and click on certificate of approval of laboratory to apply for approval and mark specified agricultural commodities under Agmark for domestic trade.
  • Filling of form: using the ID, fill the details related ot the premises, lab results and other details which are marked as asterisk. 
  • Verification and approval: CA to the premise is granted after verification of document, necessary infrastructure and approval by competent authority.   
Documents required:
  • Address proof of an establishment of the firm like registration certificate.
  • Memorandum of Association in case of Limited Company.
  • Partnership deed
  • Name and postal address of the Business and contact details
  • Period for which the applicant has been in business
  • Name of the commodities to be graded
  • Copy of test report from Agmark recognized laboratory
  • Name of commodity to be graded
  • Sachets of the product to be submitted
  • Turnover details of the previous year
  • Total Gross Product for the previous year    
  • Farmers are benefited as more subsides are allotted for the product
  • Market for the product will be increased
  • Quality of product is maintained