• Halal is a term which means “lawful or permitted”. This term has been derived from Quran. In relation to food, Halal is used for foods and other consumable products. 
  • Halal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for followers of Islam and also no haram products are used while manufacturing or processing. 
  • Hala promotes cleanliness in all aspect of a person and Halal foods ensure that foods ensure that food consumed by a person in their daily lives are clean, hygiene and not detrimental to their health or well being. 
  • Having a halal certification raises awareness about Halal foods; nowadays many are getting this halal certification for their product, premises, restaurant. 
  • Based on the business nature the Halal certification varies. Halal certification is not only provided for food but also for places like hotels, slaughtering house, packaging and labeling material, to ensure that they are suitable for people to visit their place.       
  • Application: The business wishing to obtain this certificate should apply to one of the certification bodies. i.e. Halal Certification service India Private Limited 
  • Audit: Once the application is verified, auditor will visit and inspect the place. The auditor will look into various aspects: Documentation, processing, handling and product serving, storage, distribution, display, cleanliness, sanitary and food safety, tools, apparatus, machines, packaging and machines.       
  • Certification: After the audit is done, a technical committee will review the documents submitted by the business and audit report submitted by the auditors. If the report is satisfied the Halal certification body will issue the Halal certificate. 
Documents required:
  • A copy of Pan Card
  • Photo
  • Voter ID. 
  • Two copies of sales or purchase bill 
  • List of product or materials used in production
  • General ingredient used in cooking
  • Document showing the procedure to cook the product
  • Copy of export license
  • If the certificate is to be obtained of the whole manufacturing unit then the person should enclose a diagram of their production area. 
  • The product has become marketable to over many people across the world
  • The product will be marketable in Muslim countries. 
  • This improves the quality of the food product and also hygienic system
  • Increases the income or turnover of the product which is certified.