• The term “solvency” means possession of assets in excess of liability. It is the ability to meet its long term debts and other financial obligations. 
  • Insolvency certificate is required by the government and commercial office to make sure about the financial position of the individual or entity. It is a document that provides information about the financial stability of an individual or entity. 
  • This solvency certificate is needed in certain situations such as: applying for tenders, obtaining contracts, visa interviews, court matters and so on. 
  • This solvency certificate is issued by the Revenue Department and also by bank on request.       
Who can apply:
  • Anyone who has an available balance in his account could apply for a solvency certificate.    
  • Solvency certificates could be obtained via bank and online. 
  • Online: 
  1. Go to the e-Sevai web portal (Government of Tamil Nadu) for online services. Enter the login credentials and select the Operator Type field. Enter the Captcha code and click on login. Click on Services on the left panel.
  2. Click on the Revenue Department. Also, switch to the Service Wise listing, or switch to Search and search a particular service using keywords. Click on Solvency Certificate. Click on Proceed to continue. The applicant Search form will appear. Perform a search using the following options: Applicants CAN Number, Applicant Name, Applicant Father Name, Applicant Mobile Number, Applicant Email Id, Applicant Date Of Birth, an applicant can apply for the Solvency Certificate only if he/she has a unique CAN number. If the applicant does not have a unique CAN Number, he must register for CAN to access the application form for Solvency Certificate.
  3. Enter CAN number
  4. Click on Proceed. Also, by clicking on the Edit CAN Detail button, the applicant can modify the CAN details. 
  5. Next screen will show a list of required documents. Attach the documents in prescribed file size and file type. The applicant can remove any uploaded document using the cross sign. Please note that the ‘Upload’ button will appear once you browse and add a document.
  6. After uploading the documents, click on ‘Make Payment’.
  7. Payments page will appear. Click on Confirm Payment.
  8. Click on Print Receipt to download/print the receipt to obtain an acknowledgement receipt
Documents required:
  • Photo
  • Solvency proof of the applicant
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Property tax
  • Latest guideline value statement
  • Liability Amount Certificate
  • Mortgage Certificate
  • Chitta or patta
  • Self – declaration of applicant   

7 days, depends on the document which is submitted. 

  • Increases credibility
  • Better exposure to financial aid
  • Increases good will in the market
  • Ensure better sanitation with the organization 
  • Discourages unethical practice.