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GST registration in India is a mandatory requirement for businesses whose aggregate turnover exceeds the threshold of Rs 40 lakhs (Rs 10 lakhs for some special category states). GST Registration in India can be obtained on a voluntary basis, GST registration in India is conducted through the Goods and Services Tax Network. GST registration is an important step for businesses to become compliant with GST laws in India. It enables businesses to easily pay the applicable taxes and also avail various benefits from the Government. We, at Regalwhiz, understand the importance of GST registration for businesses. We provide quality and timely services to help businesses register for GST online. Our team of experienced professionals will provide all the necessary assistance to ensure that you successfully complete the GST registration process.

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    Documents Required for GST Registration

    PAN, Aadhar & passport size photo of the proprietor/Directors/partners

    Business Name

    Nature of Business

    Mobile No & Email Id

    Incorporation Certificate (Incase of LLP/ Pvt Ltd/Public Ltd)

    For Place of Business:-

    Rental – Rental Agreement & Electricity Bill/waterbill/ property tax

    Own – Electricity Bill/waterbill/ property tax.

    Importance of GST Registration in India

    GST is an important and necessary step to ensure compliance with the GST laws in India.

    It enables businesses to easily pay the applicable taxes and also avail various benefits from the Government, such as input tax credit, reduced compliance costs, and so on.

    Apart from bringing transparency and uniformity in the taxation system, GST registration ensures that businesses are on the right side of Indias tax laws.

    It helps businesses to expand their client base, increase profits, facilitate easy and hasslefree compliance, and get rid of tedious paperwork.

    GST registration also helps to reduce the burden of indirect tax on businesses, resulting in improved cash flow.

    It also provides businesses with an increased customer base due to better structure and transparency in taxation.

    By registering for GST, businesses are not only improving their taxation system and compliance, but also bringing down their cost of doing business. With GST registration, businesses can now increase their reach and expand their business operations.

    We help in the registration of GST for:

    Regular businesses are responsible to pay GST at each point of sale, and are given a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). Regular business entities are required to file GST returns regularly and must pay GST in the form of GST payable and accrued.

    Special scheme allows businesses to pay taxes at a discounted rate based on the turnover. This scheme is beneficial for businesses having an aggregate turnover of up to Rs. 1 crore, as they are allowed to pay taxes at a rate lower than the prevailing GST rates. The composition scheme allows businesses with an aggregate turnover of up to Rs. 1.5 crore to pay taxes at a flat rate. However, it has certain restrictions such as businesses are not.

    Input Service Distributors (ISDs) are entities that process and distribute input tax credit on behalf of their clients. ISDs are required to be registered under the GST system. ISDs have to file GST returns on a regular basis and also collect the applicable taxes from their clients and deposit them into the government accounts. ISDs also provide invoices and other records of their transactions to their customers.

    Businesses with multiple branches have to register all their branches separately under the GST system. Businesses must obtain a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) for each of their branches. Businesses with multiple branches must also file their GST returns on a regular basis and pay applicable taxes on their total turnover. They must also maintain proper accounts and records of transactions at each of their branches.

    Nonresident taxable persons are those persons who provide services or goods to a consumer located in India, but who are located outside India. Nonresident taxable persons are required to be registered under the GST system in India.

    We also provide post-registration services such as GST return filing, refund filing, and other compliance services.

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