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Welcome to the Regalwhiz affiliate program, You might have heard of people who pay for referrals to their products or services. Let’s say for example, you’re a business person and you make friends with an accountant who might have a similar target audience. You each can leverage one another’s connections. In affiliate marketing, Regalwhiz is here to pay you all for leads you send. If they share your services, and someone becomes a client as a result of their referral, you could get paid a commission for the sale to incentivize sharing–this is the core of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has become much more sophisticated than the traditional referral method.



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Who is at most best for?

This is best for those who work with entrepreneurs who want to start a business, exit from business, specialise in a business aspect, entrepreneur and a person who might also need legal advice on things.

Regalwhiz Offers help with:

  1. GST Registration
  2. GST Returns Filing (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  3. Incorporation
  4. DSC Registration
  5. IEC Registration 
  6. ISO Registration 
  7. FSSAI Registration 
  8. Secretarial Service 
  9. Intellectual Property Rights- Trademark, Copyrights, Patents, Design 
  10. Will drafting
  11. NGO Registration
  12. Legal Consultation 
  13. Legal Documentation
  14. Corporate Kit
  15. Accounting and Payroll
  16. Operating Agreement for business

Cost :

The affiliate program is 100% free to join. Once you’re approved, you can begin promoting Regalwhiz, and making commissions.

For more details refer our brochure attached below.

For more information please connect with us on free chat support or call us on +91 9677276672, 044-45563616.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

For each referral, Regalwhiz pays you 40% of the sale as the base commission.

How to Get Started?
To get started, you can apply for acceptance into the Regalwhiz page and signup for affiliate agreement with Regalwhiz there.

What are the steps to prepare an Affiliate partnership agreement with Regalwhiz.

Step 1 : Signup for affiliate agreement and enrol yourself as an affiliate with us
Step 2 : Get your Affiliate ID
Step 3 : Refer and get paid